Facebook for Business: Get in the Fast Lane or Get Left in the Dust

By Terri Philipson

Social Media Specialist, Green Onion Creative

There are lots of free apps you can download and use to create custom social media images.

Statistics are boring. That's a fact. So I will only toss out one … the only one that truly matters:

1.04 BILLION people use Facebook daily

Crazy, right? And I got sucked into the craze several years ago when I worked at a veterinary clinic and took on the task of managing the Facebook page. Let me share my story …

I have always celebrated the mentality of “walking to the beat of a different drummer” and decided that's how I would relaunch the clinic’s Facebook page.

I did the research and checked out the pages for other veterinary clinics in the area. What I found shocked me. The Facebook pages for the clinic’s competitors were sterile, overly professional, impersonal and BORING! I decided to take a gamble and flipped our veterinary clinic’s page 180 degrees. I should have went to Vegas too because that gamble paid off tenfold, and to this day, it is still paying off.

If you are like me, when you find something on Facebook that catches your eye—whether it's informative, inspirational or entertaining—your first instinct is to share it with friends and family. That’s the instant engagement we are creating with the Green Onion Creative Facebook page and the pages of our clients, including:

Without engaged customers and clients, you have no business! Nada … zero … absolutely nothing. And engaging your customers and clients when they want it and how they want it (i.e., on Facebook) will help you get in front of more of those 1.04 billion people checking their news feed daily.

I’m going to wrap it up here really quick … I promise.

Think back to the veterinary clinic’s page for a minute. Who is their customer or client? Your pet. Without your pet, there would be no clinic. Every pet that walked through those doors—new to the clinic and familiar faces—had their picture taken, which was then posted on the Facebook page with a short backstory.

Within a week of implementing this posting strategy, one pet parent told me, “I shared the clinic’s Facebook post of Fluffy the other day, and my cousin thought that was the coolest thing she ever saw a veterinary clinic do! She said she will be switching her cat’s care here because she found it very heartwarming to see that you actually care about your patients; they are not just numbers on an invoice.” I heard dozens of other comments just like this over the next few months and for years to come.

Within six months of launching this new Facebook strategy, the clinic boosted their new client base by 20%. Now that's the power of social media.

When executed correctly, social media marketing can lead to acquiring new business while also supporting customer loyalty and client retention. Facebook for business is not a passing fad. It's here to stay.