The Importance of Writing for Yourself

By Nikki Ackerman

Content Writer at Green Onion Creative

I write for many reasons, but the two main ones are diametrically opposed: to escape into the wild recesses of my mind and to make sense of reality. From young on, I have loved to lose myself in a colorful imaginary world and fictional writing has allowed me to do that.

On the flip side, journaling has always helped me both work through my most difficult thoughts and just reflect on the day. I like to watch the world around me and capture what I see. When I have my notebook and pen in hand, I felt safe, happy, and fulfilled. On a bigger level, I believe writing is important and words make a difference. Whether crafting a poem for my grandma’s funeral, writing a letter to a widowed cousin, interviewing an individual and telling their story in a newspaper article, or finding the best way to represent a client, I see great value in the written word. For both personal expression or work, writing is a gift and a privilege and I am grateful I get to do it every single day.

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