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Why Are Green Onions Great?

Well, they add a subtle flavor and a pop of color to dishes. Our bunch does the same for your advertising, marketing, and communications.

Green Onion Creative is an independently owned strategic marketing/creative services agency rooted in Milwaukee, Wis., and growing companies worldwide! No matter if you are a local small business owner or a global manufacturer, you deserve to a marketing partner who shares your zest for success and has layers of expertise to help you achieve it.

You may be here right now because of a word-of-mouth referral from one of our awesome clients from a wide variety of industries: 

  • Community services

  • Educational

  • Faith-based

  • Financial

  • Healthcare

  • Industrial and manufacturing

  • Nonprofit

  • Product marketing

  • Retail

  • Theatrical

  • And the list keeps GROWING!

Ready to get the conversation started on how we can help with your copywriting, design, social media, public relations, and vendor relations needs?






The big cheese … wait, no … THE BIG ONION … yep, that's Michele! Her breadth and influence comes from layers of experience and expertise as a strategic and creative marketer. And the smell … well, that's the scent of success being an independent woman business owner. Michele loves helping clients turn their visions into result-getting realities.


  • Crafting content that's clear, creative and compelling? She can't get enough of it!

  • Overseeing graphic designs that catch your eye and leave a lasting impression in your mind? Give her more, please!

No matter what business you're in … no matter what size your budget is … Michele believes everyone deserves the opportunity to have good marketing to help grow their brand and awareness of it. 



Graphic Designer/Content Writer 

Just about everything Emory enjoys involves taking various parts and reconfiguring them in creative ways. Whether it's writing, graphic design, or even rearranging furniture sales floors (one interesting stop on his career path), he loves giving the reader (or viewer) something meaningful. Plus, it feeds both sides of his brain - the creative side and the informational side! 



Marketing Coordinator

Social Media Manager? Client Coordinator? Content Creator? Copywriter? All of the above!  As marketing coordinator, Claire collaborates on new tasks that sprout up every day. She looks forward to each day being a new opportunity to bring value, creativity, and strategy to your brand. Her intentions are simple - she wants to help you grow your business and achieve your goals. 



Online Business Manager

In order for Green Onion Creative to be the well-oiled machine it is, Milena creates calm where chaos used to be. She is the founder of Milena Elite, where she helps business owners translate problems into solutions and gives them their time back so they don't have to worry about the day-to-day operations in their business. Milena plays a big role in helping Green Onion Creative achieve our goals (and our clients' goals) and growth! 



Website Partner

Green Onion Creative wouldn't be whole without our go-to website developer and web master, Eric! Experienced and proficient in art direction, graphic design, and web design, there's no doubt he'll turn your vision into a web reality. We also love Eric because he works with a large variety of industries and all sorts of mediums, resulting in fresh and interesting designs every time! Best of all, Eric takes "tech" speak and makes it easy for clients to understand so we can stay on budget and meet deadlines. See Eric's website at

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